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Our Mentors Make RC Dawson Possible



Our mentors provide us the support, guidance and resources that help made RC Dawson the team it is today. Without our incredible team of mentors we wouldn’t have our unique community. Mentors donate their time and expertise to provide us with invaluble support which makes RC Dawson possible.  

Over Mentorship Hours per Season

  • Financial help isn't the only way to contribute. Time is money. Share your expertise.

Our mentors really make RC Dawson possible. They help brainstorm solutions while letting us call the shots and they provide hands off guidance which helps develop our own abilities.

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Jimmy Bohn

2018 Team Captain

Our Mentors


  • Dawson Science Teacher

    David Thesenga

    I joined the team in 2015 season, and progressed to being in charge of CADing the robot on solidworks. Currently I'm a college student pursuing electrical engineering at CU.

  • Medtronics Engineer

    Terry Young

  • Collage Student

    Dade McMorris

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Terry Young is a Biomedical Engineer for Medtronics who spends all of his free time mentoring FIRST robotics teams. "Without Terry, RC Dawson would be a much different team. We would have fewer resources, less laughter, and way fewer Yoda impersonations”, said Peter Coggan, a member of the drive team. Zach Morgan, a current build team member, also jokes that "We would still be making all our robots out of plywood if it wasn't for Terry!" Not only does Terry Young provide intelligent insight on all things related to robotics, he is a valuable to resource about real world issues. He is able to give anyone on the team detailed advice on many topics, ranging from internship opportunities, to college choices, and beyond.


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